DTravel organises travels and tours to East-Europe. We cooperate with a big number of renowned agencies and hotels from there.



We offer adventure vacations and tours in splendid countries. More and more people discover the sprakling beauty of these countries and their magnificent cities, sun-drenched resorts, breathtaking mountains and interesting culture.



Do you want a sun-drenched vacation, a sporty vacation or sooner a culture tour ?

We can arrange that for you. In our programma we offer summer- and winter vacations, nature- and culture tours, but its also possible to book a SPA-vacation. You combine your vacation with a visit to one of the many health-centres.


In 2017 we start with offering city trips.





If you wish to find Asia in Europe and Europe in Asia visit Georgia, which is right at the junction of world’s cultures and religions. The Georgians call themselves Kartvelebi and their country Sakartvelo.

A cheerful story says that when God allotted the earth to all the peoples of the world, the

Georgians arrived late and in a typically festive manner apologized that they had stopped on the way to drink and raise glasses to praise Him. God was so pleased that He gave the Georgians the best part of the earth, He had been reserving for himself

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Vacations and tours

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The tours highlight the beauty of Bulgarian nature and the most remarkable historic sights, some of wich are in the UNESCO List of World Heritage. Included sightseeing of the capital Sofia, one of Europe's oldest cities with monuments from different civilisations, visits to the beautiful Troyan Monastery; the medieval capital of Bulgaria Veliko Turnovo, Arbanassy village, an architecture and museum reserve; Madara Horseman, Europe's only rock bas-relief, Pliska, the first capital of Bulgaria.

Stop-over at the architecture reserves of Kotel and Zheravna. Visit to Plovdiv, the second biggest Bulgarian city, founded in 342 BC by Philip II of Macedon.


Armenia is a country of old legends and biblical stories. On his descent from Ararat, Noah first stepped onto this land. Armenia has wonderful nature, small mountainous waterfalls, skyscraping mountains, blue lake Sevan and bright shiny sky. It is one of the oldest countries of the world and cradle of civilization. People are warm like the sun, honest and proud like the mountains.

At least once in a lifetime one should be in Armenia: Here miracles and discoveries wait for everybody which will leave an impact on them. And whoever whishes to have unforgettable days just like the old times he should walk through the land of Armenia... and would not regret it.

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